Let our MATES professionally clean your fish, but YOU do the Cooking!


Once you get your fish home, take it out of the bag and wash it down with cold water.

If you plan on eating it with-in two days, refrigerate it immediately!

If you freeze it, put your catch in a ziplock bag, fill it completely with FRESH WATER, then Freeze It!

All recipes are Cap't Andrew's own ideas, but go ahead, make 'em and share 'em. Remember to always cook your fish thoroughly to avoid illness!

Cap't Andrew's Fish Cakes

This is great way to cook your catch on the oven, broiler, or frying pan!

1 pound Fish Fillets

1 onion, diced finely

2 cups Italian style bread crumbs

1 bottle Thousand Island Salad Dressing

Old Bay Seasoning

1 Raw Egg

Take the boneless fish fillets and microwave them for about thirty seconds, so they flake and whiten very slightly. Using your hands, mix the flaked fish, onion, and bread crumbs, making sure you have an even blend of all three ingredients. Next mix in your egg and Salad dressing to moisten and bind the whole mix together. Knead this with your hands until you have the consistency of ground meat. Now form into fish patties to the size you desire, bake at 350F or fry on High Heat until firm and brown, but not burnt. I prefer mine with cocktail sauce on a bun. This should serve 4 people.

Smoked Fish & Smoked Fish Salad

This is a great way to clear out your freezer, or use up a lot of fish!


3-4 Pounds of Fish filet, steaks, or pan fish

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 Sea Salt

Alderwood and Applewood Wood Chips


You need to brine your fish overnight. Use a gallon of warm water in a sealable container to mix the vinegar, sugar, and salt. Immerse all your fish in the container, and seal it. Keep this cool (a refrigerator works) overnight. Drain the fish and arrange them in a smoker. Hot smoking requires roughly 6 hours. For the best flavor, alternate between Alder and Applewood wood chips. The process will cure and cook the fish. Ready to eat as it is!

BUT... if you are feeling adventurous...


Add one pound of boneless smoked fish to 1 cup of mayonnaise, a sprinkle of Old Bay Seasoning, and 3 (or more) teaspoons of Franks Red Hot Sauce or Tabasco Chipolte Pepper sauce. Serve on a bun and you have one helluva great sandwich spread! I have been known to eat it from the container, and I stopped telling friends and family when I was making this... moochers.

This is a great way to fry your fish WITHOUT any oils or greases!


1 Pound of white meat fish fillets, or steaks butterflied.

1 Can of Beer (I recommend a lighter beer or lager)

Old Bay Seasoning

In a deep frying pan, on high heat, pour 1/2 a can of beer. Sprinkle Liberally with Old Bay Seasoning. Lay Fillets into the beer as it starts to heat. Flip at first boil, continually flipping the fillets as the beer boils off. Sprinkle with Old Bay Season before the last of the beer boils off. Fish is done when the beer is done! This is a tartar sauce kind of meal. What you do with that other half of beer is entirely up to you!




Brown Bag Striper Fingers

This is a great way to cook larger steaks or smaller fillets! Great for the frying pan or dry-daddy!


1 pound of small fillets or one large fish steak, french-cut.

1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated or shredded.

1/2 Italian Style bread crumbs.

2 tbsp oregano

2 tbsp onion powder

Old Bay Seasoning.

1 Brown Paper Lunch Bag

2 tbsp Olive Oil


Take your cleaned fish fingers or fillets and put them into the brown paper bag. Drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Shake gently for 5 seconds. Add your onion powder, oregano, and cheese into the bag. Sprinkle with Old Bay to your preference. Shake gently for 5 seconds. Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil into the bag, add bread crumbs, shake finally for 5 seconds, and lay crusted fingers into a hot frying pan. Fry and flip until fish is completely cooked through and slightly flakey. I prefer mine with cocktail sauce and a bottle of Devil's Reach from the Cape May Brewery. If you don't mind hot food, this is finger food!

Crab Boil

This is the easiest way to use up any crabs you get...


One large, deep pot (3 gallons+)

Medium Size Crabs, stone or blue claw (up to 10 at a time)

Lemon Wedges

1 Can of beer, your choice, recommend a pilsner

Old Bay Seasoning


Assure your crabs are alive. Dead crabs can be dangerous to eat. Over a stovetop or outside boiler, bring one gallon of water to a boil. Add one can of beer, season with Old Bay, and drop in crabs. Uncooked crabs will sink, cooked crabs will float. Crabs are cooked when their shells change color to a rusty orangeish-red color, with tan on the joints. Carefully remove crabs from the boiling water mixture, adding more if nessacary. Let cooked crabs sit for 5 minutes to cool, and enjoy with lemon.

As simple as it can get.

Tin Foil Fish Grillers

This is great way to cook your catch on the grill or broiler!


Repeat this process for each person you plan to feed!


2 Fillets or One Cleaned Pan fish

3-5 small red skinned potatoes, halved

1 Fresh Jersey Tomato, quartered

A few slices from a red onion

1 fresh clove of garlic, diced

Old Bay Seasoning

Butter or Olive Oil

2-3 Slices of Lemon

Aluminum Foil, one foot square.


Take you aluminum foil and fold it to make a bowl shaped. Lay your fish on the bottom and dust with Old Bay Seasoning. Add your veggies around the fish, and then lay the three slices of lemon atop it all. Now either drizzle the whole pile with Olive oil, liberally, or lay half a stick of unsalted butter in the mix (the heat from the grill will melt it for you). Now fold closed the top of the foil and cut a small triangle flap, so later you can check the contents on the grill. Place the whole foil tent on a hot grill, high heat, and wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes check the flap and assure the fish has a nice white color, or if it is a pan fish, check that the meat and skin opaque.  Close the flap and wait 2 more minutes. There should be ample steam coming from the flap when the fish is done. Remove from heat, wait two minutes to cool the foil, and eat it out of the foil! Easy clean-up, I will be there at 7, keep the beer cold.

Beer Boiled Fish

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