Welcome to the home of Wildwood's Original
Back Bay Fishing Boat!
Serving The Jersey Cape Since 2015


At Sailor's Delight we offer our customers fishing excursions to the calm, protected waters of the back bays and inlets that separate the Island of the Wildwoods from the mainland!

It is in these waters that we give the novice and expert alike the same shot at mixed-bag favorites like fluke and weakfish, striped bass, warm water exotics, and even tasty blue-claw crabs, all in a professional and courteous setting.

We offer our best to you: rod rental, bait, mate services, parking, and fish bags are all included in the price.


Why ride for an hour or more to some offshore fishing ground when you can be fishing fifteen minutes or less from leaving the dock?

We are docked at the famous "No Bones Bait and Tackle", and in some occasions, we can often be fishing within ten minutes of leaving the dock!

Fishing in the back bays and inlets are a calmer alternative to fishing in the open ocean. Remember, it's harder to get sea sick in the back bays!


Ever since we started our business we have been working with a new set of ideals of what "Party Boat Fishing" should be. For that, we will always strive to make that extra effort to make your fishing trip one that you will always remember, and one you will want to make again and again!


Tel: (609) 827-8309 ~ sailor08251@gmail.com

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