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Some Fishing Advice to Help your Trip!



Recreational Fishing is a great way to spend some downtime on your vacation, to spend time with your family, and to experience nature first hand, but there are some tid-bits you should know to make your trip even more enjoyable...


  • Tip#1: Use your sunscreen. Any sunscreen of SPF 25+ should be ample for any length trip. Avoid scented brands, because fish have acute senses of smell, and they know what they don't like.


  • Tip#2: While talking about smell, let's point out the don'ts. Bug spray with DEET, tobacco products, and heavy colognes are all things that fish can smell and avoid, tobacco is actually used as a fish repellent in some parts of Asia.  We won't tell you not to use bug spray or body sprays, (we encourage deodorant!) but on our boat, keep the Tobacco Products at a minimum.


  • Tip#3: Check the weather! At the bottom of this page is a link to the National Weather Service. It does not hurt to do a little planning ahead for your day of fishing. We sail rain or shine. I have had some of my best fishing in the rain! Just remember to be dressed for it. Remember, its protected waters in the back bays, so heavy seas are almost non-existent, so that means practically no sea sickness!


  • Tip#4: Show up EARLY! We run on a First-Come, First-Serve basis during the summer months. RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We carry a maximum of 10 customers on the Sailor's Delight and 12 persons on the Sailor's Delight II, and if we fill up we will leave early so everyone can get a little extra fishing time. No one wants to wait to enjoy themselves, and that includes waiting at 5 past the hour for an extra person in the parking lot. Showing up early gets you a better chance of picking your "lucky spot".


  • Tip#5: Check the tides. Fortunately, we have species of fish that will hit on all phases of the tides, but if you want the best chance at a specific species of fish, do a little homework. If you are a novice, luckily the Captain will know better and assure you get the best experience. If you don't have a tide table, check at the bottom of the page, there is a button that will take you there!


  • Tip#6: Stay Hydrated. We offer cold refreshments at the dock, but don't be shy to pack a cold one for yourself. BYOB is the rule for beer, wine, and hard ciders. Keep the hard alcohol and spirits at home, we don't want any drunk drivers trying to leave our dock, we prefer our local cops to be bored.


  • Tip#7: Check your bait often. If you go ten minutes and have not had even the slightest hit at a fish, and others around you are catching, then it would be smart to make sure the fish haven't stolen your bait. However, you do not want to be a nervous fishermen and continually bringing up and dropping down your line.


  • Tip#8: Bring Some Spare Cash. We accept cash and credit cards as payment. There are refreshments at the dock fore sale, we have T-Shirts available for sale, and we are located at a fine Tackle Shop, and surrounded by three seasonal restaurants. Also, don't forget to tip the mate!


  • Tip#9: Know whether you are keeping your fish or not ahead of time. If you plan on keeping your fish to eat or freeze, we have no problem letting you keep your catch, we will even clean it for you. There is nothing sadder or more disrespectful to a fisherman than someone catching and killing fish, and then not taking them home. Remember, every fish you harvest is a fish that can't be caught again!


  • Tip#10: Fish have teeth, spines, and barbs. We have a mate aboard the boat to help you with your fish. If you are unfamiliar with how to handle a fish, just ask. If you don't want to hold fish, that is ok as well, but just remember that most of the fish we catch are carnivores, and have things on them that can cause you bodily harm!


  • Tip#11: Keep an eye on the water and the sky! Bottlenose Dolphins, schools of fish and rays, Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Pelicans, Gulls, Marine Otters, Endangered Terrapins, and even the odd seal all make appearances in the back bays! We even can hear coyotes baying in the marsh grasses! You are here to enjoy the great outdoors, and part of the thrill is you never know what you will see!


  • Tip#12: Turn the cell phone off and enjoy yourself! You are there to fish, so let us take care of the hard stuff! The Mate and Captain are more than happy to take photographs for you!

  • Tip#13: Leave the Marijuana at home. While the state of New Jersey may have legalized the recreational adult use of Marijuana, the Federal Government has not. The Sailor's Delight and Sailor's Delight II falls under Federal Jurisdiction as a US Coast Guard inspected vessel. This is not negotiable, do not try and sneak smoking on the vessel. If we see it, we return to the dock, and authorities will be waiting.




Hopefully all of these small considerations can make your trip that much more enjoyable!

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